HTI Precision Heavy Caliber Bullpup Rifle

The Hard Target Interdiction rifle was designed and built at specific military customer request to provide extreme long range accuracy with irrevocable penetration. The HTI has been used in precision rifle competitions and become popular among big game hunters and shooting enthusiasts. Easily convertible between multiple big-bore calibers, the HTI is accurate to 2000+ yards with any of its chamberings. Whether you’re stopping light-skinned vehicles or extending personal-best distance records, the HTI provides extreme distance capabilities in the most compact, accurate and convertible package on earth.

  • Caliber: 375CT / 50BMG
  • Color: Black, Black/FDE, FDE

.375 CT .408 CT .416 Barrett .50 BMG
Barrel Length 29" 29" 29" 29"
Barrel Twist 1:10.5 1:13 1:13 1:15
Muzzle Thread Pitch M22x1.5 - 6H M22x1.5 - 6H M25x1.5 - 6H M25x1.5 - 6H
Weight 19.5lb 20.35lb 20.35lb 19.9lb
Length Overall 45" 45" 45.75" 45.75"
Magazine Capacity 5 5 5 5
Range 2750m 2550m 2300m 2200m
Action Bolt Action Bolt Action Bolt Action Bolt Action